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The Mill Day Nursery, Nercwys Road, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 4ED               Tel 01352 759885 Email:


The Mill Day Staff

Our team of qualified and experienced staff provide an fun and homely atmosphere as well as a safe and happy place for children to grow and learn. We also cater for special needs (please note this is not on a one to one basis).

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At the Mill we operate a Key Worker System, which affords each child a dedicated member of staff who will be responsible for their daily well being and recording all information to exchange with parents.There is a daily timetable of activities for the children; this is displayed in each room.

These are designed to provoke their development, which includes all areas of learning.Within the Nursery we are always alert to children's individual needs and plan their daily tasks to develop and encourage progress, a personal record is kept of this information for parents to view.






Welcome to our Nursery! At The Mill Day we pride ourselves on the range of indoor and outdoor activities we provide. All our activity apparatus and furnishings are child-friendly so you can relax knowing your child is safe.We know that physical excersize is as important as mental education so we make sure that there is enough to keep your little one occupied even on the rainiest of day. We at The Mill provide a caring atmosphere, through a homely environment, where the childrens walefare is paramount.

We would also like to say a massive thank you and well done to Kerry for being with us for 25years on 9.6.16.